How We Help You Sell Your Home

Our Goal is Simple: Net You the Most Amount of Money, in the Shortest Amount of Time, With the Least Amount of Problems.

Urban Pacific Real Estate was started up a couple of years ago as a local alternative to the big, expensive real estate firms. We recognized that the real estate industry was changing significantly and we wanted to be able to operate our business as a moving, changing business that stayed on top of the latest trends in the industry. Over the last 10 years the real estate industry has drastically evolved from a business in which the Realtors had all the information and clients had very little to the business in which the information is much more prevalent, thanks to the internet. Much of the way we sold homes in the past has changed significantly and we have caught onto those changes and set up our business model to reflect this. In the past (prior to the internet), when you sold a home you had a firm with a great national reach sell your home. As you probably know, they would have a large booklet in their office with all the homes for sale in the area. A buyer would either need to visit the real estate office, call the Realtor from the sign or stop into an open house to find a home to purchase.

Thanks to the internet that has all changed! The marketing of a home has turned into an internet focused business. Almost every home that is purchased today is found online. A lot of what was important 5-10 years ago is not important today. We have recognized that and have developed our business model to reflect that.

Here is what we focus on when it comes to selling a home.

  1. Preview the Home: meet with the client to preview the home and make recommendations to prepare the home for a sale (ie: any suggested repairs, paint, cleaning) as well as staging strategies.
  2. Pricing Recommendations: review all the comparable properties that have been sold and discuss the local market conditions in order to help produce a pricing strategy.
  3. Visit the Competition: visit a couple of the local properties for sale to see where your home stands in relation to the others on the market.
  4. Photograph: once the repairs, updates and staging are complete (if needed) I will come photograph the home and neighborhood using high-end photography equipment (not a point-and-shoot camera). Photography is a hobby of mine so I put a lot of pride in my photography work.
  5. Showing Advice: advise the seller on how to maintain the home while it is on the market to produce the best showings possible. First impressions are important in real estate!
  6. Lockbox: A secure key lockbox will be placed on the home so that only licensed real estate agent can show the property. If the buyer does not have an agent I will walk them through the home.
  7. UPRE Sign: An Urban Pacific Real Estate sign with my contact information will be placed at the property. This will help Realtors find the home when they are showing it as well as indicate to drive-bys that the home is on the market.
  8. Flyers: a flyer box filled with a professional flyers illustrating the selling points of the home and photos will be included
  9. Online Listing: Produce a well written listing that will be entered into the RMLS (Oregon’s internet based listing service). The RMLS feeds the data to a number of additional websites including and Being online is KEY to getting your home the necessary exposure.
  10. Additional Online Exposure: While the RMLS shares the listing with a number of external website as I mentioned, I also subscribe to a number of additional website that will also feature your home giving you a strong presence on the internet.
  11. Social Media Marketing: in addition to subscription services, UPRE has an extensive network and reach via the social marketing tools such as twitter, facebook and other social media tools that we utilize to drive traffic and gain exposure.
  12. Urban Pacific Website: you home will have a home on our website on the main page as well as the featured property section. We drive traffic to our home page through SEO and internet advertising.
  13. Feedback: once the home is on the market and we get a showing, we follow up with each real estate agent asking for feedback regarding likes, dislikes and price from their clients and the agent (This allows us to see what the buyers are seeing and make changes on the fly if we need to).
  14. Open Houses: An optional service we offer is open houses.

In our experience, the key to getting a home sold (that you and I control) is: price, the home’s appearance, getting a good listing into the RMLS, and getting the home plastered on the internet!

Once we have an offer on the home we’ll jump into the next stage of our service:

  1. Negotiate the Deal: once an offer comes through we’ll take care of handle the negotiation with the Realtor. We’ll advise you on the original offer and work with you to produce a counter offer if necessary.
  2. Manage the Paperwork: there can be a lot of paperwork associated with selling your home so we’ll help manage all the paperwork for you!
  3. Set Up Escrow: we will set up an escrow account through the title company for you.
  4. Repair Assistance: if there are repairs that need to be completed before your home’s sale can close we will be there to assist you with finding good, reliable contractors.
  5. Document Collection: if you live in a community ran by an HOA, we will work with the HOA to get all the necesary documentation that the buyers require.
  6. Closing Review: we will review all the documents prior to close to make sure that all the numbers add up!
  7. Assistance: even after the home is sold we are here for you in case you need anything else!