Will We See Uber Back in Portland?

The drama continues with the Portland Uber issue. The latest news reveals that after a 4 month hiatus, Uber and fellow ride-sharing companies may soon be back on the road…. at least for 120-day ‘pilot period’. The regulations of this pilot period include monitoring the company’s liability insurance and driver background checks. Portland will hold a city council meeting this week where they will be hearing from the public. If the council votes ‘yes’ then Uber has the opportunity to agree and resume business again.

Uber drivers won’t be allowed to use the taxi lane or be hailed off the street, but they will be allowed to keep their unique price structure, allowing prices to rise during peak hours. Go raise your voice in support or against ride-sharing at the Portland City Council meeting this week. 

Read the while KGW article here

Image courtesy of www.macworld.com

Image courtesy of www.macworld.com


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