Portland Named the Most Affordable Big City in the US

Image courtesy of LuciusArt. Buy this print here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/79640680/portland-oregon-portland-art-portland

Portland lands on the top of yet another list. According to a recent post on Thrillist, Portland tops all other big cities when it comes to affordability. Data was collected from the 100 most populous US cities including sales tax, gas prices, unemployment rates, median monthly rent and annual income. GOBankingRates had the pleasure of crunching numbers and producing a ranking of these cities. Portland lands on top as the most affordable of the bunch. Having no sales tax obviously gave Portland a big boost, as well as an average rent of $905, compared to San Francisco’s $1512 average rent paired with 8.75% sales tax. But San Fran is not alone at the bottom on the list. Her neighbors in the Golden State are keeping her company. In fact 9 out of the 10 most expensive cities on the list are in California (the other being New York, NY). It’s no wonder we have been seeing an influx of California License Plates around here lately.

See the full story and list here.

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